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Manage Legal HR risks, Workplace Mental Health Scenarios, Psychological Risks, Performance Issues, Return-to-Work Processes and Claims  

Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau


 23rd May 2024


30th May 2024

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Navigating mental health issues within the workplace presents significant challenges that demand careful attention and effective solutions. This is especially true in the current landscape, where employees are grappling with the repercussions of a cost-of-living crisis. Many individuals find themselves under immense pressure, taking on extra work, extending their hours, and seeking higher wages just to make ends meet. Amidst these struggles, employers are increasingly confronted with the complexities of supporting their employees' mental well-being, preventing psychological risks, whilst maintaining productivity and professionalism. 

The intersection of mental health and workplace dynamics often brings about delicate situations. Employees facing mental health challenges may experience difficulties in meeting performance expectations or may become subjects of workplace investigations. Addressing these issues with sensitivity and understanding is crucial. The repercussions of mishandling mental health concerns can be severe, both legally and organisationally, with implications for employee well-being and organisational reputation. 

In this environment, the ability to navigate mental health scenarios with empathy and expertise has become an essential skill for employers and HR professionals. Yet, many may find themselves ill-equipped to address these challenges, lacking the necessary experience to manage the emotional and technical complexities inherent in such situations. As the spotlight on mental health in the workplace intensifies, organisations face heightened scrutiny, underscoring the importance of proactive and effective approaches to supporting employee mental well-being. 

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Why Attend?

The Managing Mental Health Risks in the Workplace Workshop provides participants with the ability to practically apply a hypothetical scenario (based on current case law) from start to finish, including the provision of: letters, process documents (which participants will tailor for their own organisational requirements throughout the training), and a role-play under the guidance of an experienced senior lawyer to test implementation throughout the training. The focus will be upon creating a 'real-life experience' for participants. 

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"I really liked how it was presented, the instructiveness with the participants was great. Having a lawyer's perspective is always really great to ensure you are on the right track especially navigating complex mental health issues. Hearing about what others are experiencing or doing across organisations in different sectors is also really interesting"
Senior Advisor, People and Capabilty, Electricity Authority 


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Fiona McMillan


Lane Neave


Appropriately receive, respond to and manage performance management issues and complaints that require investigations where the respondent has a mental health issue 

Identify and implement the most effective response action for better organisational outcomes and lower legal risks 

Learn and apply the most effective processes for psychological safety

Create tailored templates for your business to apply into the future for similar matters and train others in your team

Develop and hone existing skills through practicing a hypothetical case study and solving common issues and hazards

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Who Should Attend?

People who are responsible for managing employees, workplace conflict, disciplinary processes, investigations and terminations including:

Who should attend?


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